Compassion Bridges is an organization resulting from 2 ministries coming together to better raise a new generation of public school students who passionately follow Christ.

The parent organization, Church Resource Network (CRN), was incorporated in 1998 as a religious non-profit serving churches, schools, and the general community. CRN’s name was changed to Compassion Bridges in March 2008. Public School ministry originated in this ministry beginning in 2004. The South Bay Leaders’ Network began in 2003 under the umbrella of the National Network of Youth Ministries. This is the second ministry forming Compassion Bridges. This merging of ministries has resulted in a continuum of ministry serving students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college.

These two ministries have been involved in….

  • Starting church sponsored Kids Clubs
  • Training churches and leaders to work in public schools
  • Assisting low-income public school students to participate in faith-based summer camps
  • Starting/encouraging networks of youth leaders in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, and Alameda County
  • Supporting the South Bay “See You at the Pole” and the annual “Gathering of the Unashamed” in San Jose
  • Assisting numerous youth and college outreaches and worship events
  • Encouraging and inspiring Bay Area leaders through our newslettersOne Ministry, One Mission

The mission of Compassion Bridges is reaching public school students from elementary to college with Christ-centered programs.

Through our collaborative efforts with churches, nonprofits, community leaders, and Christian leaders, Compassion Bridges is now reaching over 7,000 students in the Bay Area each year.