Ministry Approach

Compassion Bridges’ (CB) ministry strategy is very simple and straight forward.

  • We establish working models of a Christian community building a relational outreach on public school campuses (Elementary through College) in their city.
  • Parallel with this effort, CB builds bridges with youth and college leaders from different churches and Christian non-profits in the community. CB establishes networks of these leaders to support the working models of outreach on public school campuses.
  • Our basic building block for developing working models of local community outreach on elementary and junior high public schools is the afterschool/Saturday Bible-based clubs (Kids Clubs). These clubs bring character transformation into the lives of students at a time when they are developing their moral and spiritual values for the rest of their lives. The clubs also provide personal avenues to build relationship with the families of students in public schools.

God is giving to Compassion Bridges a perfect local outreach model for Christian communities that not only transforms the lives of students and impacts their families, but with a long term commitment can bring about transformation of the whole community, Christians included.

Kids Club

Middle School Club

High School Club

College Integration

Current working models being developed:
1. Poverty community – East Palo Alto
2. Multicultural community – Fremont