About Us

In 2007 King Anderson and Keivan Tehrani co-founded Compassion Bridges with the vision to unite and train up youth and adult leaders and work in public schools to bring a powerful message of Hope, Forgiveness and Grace to under-resourced children and youth throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Over the past 14 years we have worked with well over 60,000 students on various public and private Elementary, Junior High, High School, and University Campuses as well as through focused seminars, conferences, and outreach events. Compassion Bridges is proud to work in various communities with all people in need of hope and in need of help.

The dream has always been to support teachers, parents, other non-profits and community leaders to help raise up the next generation of young leaders to live with passion and purpose. Through our strategic partnerships with other non-profits we have maximized our efforts into over 30 schools and communities with the purpose of impacting more young people.

In 2021 our goal is to continue our efforts in public schools and help coordinate seminars to unite and train leaders throughout the Bay Area. We additionally added a COVID19 feeding program to bring food resources, prayer and encouragements to struggling families during this crisis especially in the East San Jose area. We have been able to support over 2500 families with boxes of food, grocery food gift cards and letters of encouragement.

In 2021 started a new work among Afghan refugees coming here after the US Pull-out in Afghanistan. Neighboring Fremont and Alameda country has the largest population of Afghans in the United States and Santa Clara county is one of the main Northern CA resettlement areas. We are working in collaboration with other local and national organizations, churches and individuals to help with food support, clothing,  gift-cards, computers, ESL classes, resume creation, job placement, help getting to health care and other needed appointments, and spiritual hope.

Thank-You for standing with us through your prayers, encouragements and financial support. Without it we could not do what we are called to do as effectively.